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Gain Capital Software Engineering

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Big Picture: GAIN Capital designs software tools for brokers and their clients to trade in FOREX, CFDs, spread betting, exchanged traded futures and more.

My Take On It: Software: high quality. Company: superlative. You can’t wait to tell others when you get the rare chance to work at a great company and be surrounded by tremendous people. (I know you’re jealous.) My colleagues, managers and C-levels are topflight professionals. They’re a dedicated and savvy bunch and they’re also fun to hang out with outside the office. GAIN Capital easily gets 5 out of 5 stars here.

Software Engineer (telecommuting)
February 2019 – present
Powell, Ohio
Provide fullstack engineering and UI design support to the wholesale brokerage division of GAIN Capital, its clients & trading platforms. • Develop with Docker, Composer, SASS, GruntJS, Git Bash and shell scripts to maintain and enhance 4 WordPress sites using PHP7, MariaDB5, jQuery3, Bootstrap4, ES10, CSS3, HTML5 APIs, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, HubSpot and the Genesis theme.
• Communicate with team using Slack; enforce source control with BitBucket & Azure DevOps; track issues with JIRA & Azure DevOps; and collaborate using Confluence.
• Interface to .NET Core resources using XML/SOAP/JSON/PHP and monitor SEO with Moz Pro and Google Analytics.

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