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Elearning at Trivantis Pharmaceuticals

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Company: Trivantis makes elearning software authoring tools like Lectora Online, VR tools such as CenarioVR, ReviewLink for collaboration and the CourseMill Learning Management System.

Perspective: Software: exceptional. Company: meh. If you’re paying attention, the 64% negative reviews 👎 on GlassDoor spell it out. Like anywhere else, the people make or break it. Trivantis was no exception. Despite the lethargic, toxic corporate culture, I gave it 3 stars for the pleasure of working with great professionals like Tony Cavalier and Larry Hoffman .

Front End WordPress Developer (telecommuting)
June 2013 – September 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio
Excelled in fast-paced marketing environment implementing & tracking brand presence for elearning software maker. • Maintained 12,000-page site, 4000-page BuddyPress community, 500-page blog, 40-item ecommerce store and 8 Chinese-language international product sites using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery & Vanilla JavaScript in a WordPress environment.
• Used Bootstrap to create custom-column product callouts and responsive ecommerce listings.
• Produced mobile, responsive layouts using Bootstrap, jQuery and hand-coded logic to engage new traffic.
• Designed responsive multi-client email newsletters with Marketo and tracked open rates.
• Tracked CTR and raw input on lead generation forms, pushing visitor information from Google AdWords through Marketo to NetSuite.
• Supported US & Chinese markets using full Unicode data handling.
• Created WordPress templates allowing non-developers to create configurable landing page lead capture forms.
• Performed PSD to HTML slicing for pixel-perfect layout, and created dynamic presentations for new products.
• Optimized video SEO & presentation using Wistia, and performed light Apache server config & error log analysis.
• Analyzed, audited & refactored existing markup, logic & layout for internal consistency and improved performance.
• Researched, recommended & implemented technology solutions to ensure best UX across a multi-platform (Win/Mac), multi-browser (Chrome/FireFox/Safari/IE) & multi-device (desktop/phone) audience.
• Implemented distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) using Git repositories.
• Developed on LAMP/MAMP stacks, & VM Windows environment running under OS X.
• Maintained email templates using HTML tables layout for maximum client compatibility and tested with Litmus.
• Forged custom booking interface for webinars that 1) merged published schedules with on-demand requests, 2) let visitors reserve seats, 3) notified trainers & presenters of registrations, and 4) captured step-by-step lead data using AJAX/PHP5/cURL & LogMeIn API.
• Within 11 months, transitioned to remote team as motivated self-starter demonstrating superior communication skills, enthusiasm, timeliness, collaborative effort, painstaking attention to detail and exemplary internal customer service.

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