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Alveo Health

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This was a 95% telecommuting role in an ASP.NET development environment and, apart from a few team meetings in the Cincinnati conference room, all work took place over VPN, SFTP and Windows Remote Desktop Connections (RDC).  Team Foundation Server (TFS) managed source code check-ins.  Facetime happened over Skype.  Progress was tracked in Asana.  This effort required supporting IE9, so all the custom styling and logic rules I might create would be constrained by the CSS and JavaScript limitations of that browser.

Having just rebranded, ALVEO Health needed to reface their existing client portal.  In a single iteration I took their login screen from this:



to this:


🔹 🔹 🔹



Now we needed to focus on the main interface presented to authenticated users.  The original was a horizontal layout that ran off into infinity as it grew.  Menu hierarchy did indeed exist, but was lost in a linear progression of tabs.




Conventional wisdom suggested a vertical alignment.  Obviously, this would scroll much better, but it also allowed us to display menu groupings and parent-child ordering.  Making the list collapsible, as well as adding icons only to the parent items, helped to reduce clutter and eye fatigue.  The bold brand color scheme was used to indicate current menu state (green) and the anticipated user selection on mouseover (orange).


🔹 🔹 🔹



Now we have the main interface in its final state.  The menu panel is fixed left, and the three central icons are fixed top center.  The right frame scrolls vertically and to prevent collisions, a gradient fade is applied while content slides neatly underneath.