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Scott Rupert For Senate

Scott Rupert made two bids for high office, and for six years I was his “Chief Exec of Tech.”  This involved developing a WordPress website for the candidate’s use, and tweaking the SEO for name recognition.  We achieved a page 1 SERP, above-the-fold, for organic searches on Google!

The position also required much research and writing, and I was tasked to publish campaign position papers depending on current events, such as SOPA/PIPA.

I also liaised with the Ohio Secretary of State and certified FEC compliance with marketing operations, and while all of that was interesting, producing web video was also a very enjoyable part of the position.  Scripting, blocking, shooting and editing. Inside the home studio and run-and-gun.  (For ease of use and quick turnaround, my NLE of choice remains Vegas to this day.)

On June 10, 2012, Scott calls in to Dirk Thompson’s radio show “Hunt 4 the Truth” airing on NewsRadio WTVN 610 AM

” It’s the only person running for Senate in the State of Ohio that’s worth a vote… “

On October 11, 2011, Scott urged Buckeyes to support the Ohio Health Care Amendment, Issue 3

” If the united States Constitution doesn’t say they can do it, they. Can’t. Do it! “

On February 16, 2012, Scott spoke at the NW Ohio 2012 U.S. Senate Candidate Night, sponsored by the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition

” …We can again feel proud of our leaders and our country, and of our place in history. “

Energy Independence

” Real jobs are created when there’s a real need someone is willing to pay to have met, not a perceived need to be met by government. “

An Independence Day message

” Nothing you possess is more valuable than your freedom. Celebrate it and ask yourself, ‘What will you do to secure it for the next generation?’ “

A candid, kitchen table chat over coffee

” The issues aren’t the issue—politics is the issue. If we fix the broken process, the problems will fix themselves. “

CLIP: “Return to The Constitution”

” I’m an ordinary guy living an ordinary life who is seeing too much of government getting involved in our everyday lives… “

CLIP: “Stick to The Constitution”

” The federal government doesn’t have authority over our lives like they’ve led us to believe they do… “

On April 17, 2010, Scott delivers his initial campaign speech on campus at Bowling Green State University at the Tax Day Tea Party

” I know how hard it is to earn the money they’re spending, and I’d really like to make them stop. “

CLIP: “Quick! Let’s do term limits!”

” The system is corrupt and no one is above it. I’m not above it. I don’t want to be a politician. “