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Company: HOMEE has created an on-demand home services platform that provides homeowners and property managers with instant access to thousands of qualified home service providers.

Perspective: It’s a startup, working to establish itself. It had both money and talent, but even with raw potential easily climbing into the stratosphere, daily ops were less than stellar—especially with anemic onboarding that refused to improve. Still, it’s the people who make or break it and HOMEE was no exception. Despite management that kept itself aloof, I rate them 3 stars for the pleasure of working with great professionals like Larry Hoffman while I was there.

Senior Software Engineer (telecommuting)
July 2018 – January 2019
Columbus, Ohio
Provided fullstack engineering support to Series A startup creating national, on-demand property maintenance & home services platform. • As Agile Scrum Team Engineer, developed in local environment using VirtualBox, Vagrant and MAMP stacks; maintained source control using SourceTree/Github; communicated with team via Slack; and managed projects using YouTrack.
• Retooled Drupal 8 service platform using PHP7, PDO, jQuery, ES6, CSS3 & HTML5; connected APIs and verified endpoints using Postman.

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