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I’ve been fortunate to work with

June 2013 – September 2016
Front End WordPress Developer (telecommuting)
Cincinnati, Ohio

Excelled in fast-paced marketing environment implementing and tracking brand presence for elearning software maker

What I did: Maintained 12,000-page corporate site, 4000-page BuddyPress community, 500-page blog, 40-item ecommerce store, and 8 Chinese-language international product sites using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery and Vanilla JavaScript in a custom-themed WordPress environment
Produced mobile, responsive layouts using Bootstrap, jQuery and hand-coded logic to engage new traffic
Used Bootstrap to create custom-column product callouts and responsive ecommerce listings
Tracked CTR and raw input on lead generation forms, pushing visitor information from Google AdWords through Marketo to NetSuite
Designed responsive multi-client email newsletters with Marketo and tracked open rates
Created templates allowing non-developers to create configurable landing page lead capture forms
Created and updated WooCommerce shopping carts for digital deliveries
Optimized video SEO and presentation using Wistia, and performed light Apache server config and error log analysis
Performed PSD to HTML slicing for pixel-perfect layout, and created dynamic presentations for new products
Researched, recommended and implemented technology solutions to ensure best UX across a multi-platform (Win/Mac), multi-browser (Chrome/FireFox/Safari/IE) and multi-device (desktop/phone) audience
Analyzed, audited and refactored existing markup, logic and layout for internal consistency and improved performance
Developed on LAMP/MAMP stacks, and VM Windows environment running under OS X
Implemented distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) using Git repositories
Forged custom booking interface for webinars that 1) merged published schedules with on-demand requests, 2) let visitors reserve seats, 3) notified trainers and presenters of registrations, and 4) captured step-by-step lead data using AJAX/PHP5/cURL and the LogMeIn API
Maintained email templates using HTML tables layout for maximum client compatibility and tested with Litmus
Transitioned to remote team as motivated self-starter demonstrating superior communication skills, enthusiasm, timeliness, collaborative effort, painstaking attention to detail and exemplary internal customer service, within 11 months

What I think: Technically, this was my first exposure to WordPress, so it was a sweet gig. Finally, in 2020, they were bought by owners who actually care about their success. Their VR, LMS and eLearning authoring products have always been the best in the industry.

How they rate:
Based on my experience, they get 3½ of 5 stars, which is better than what Indeed assigns them.

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